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  • CSSRL's Simulated Virtual Classroom based upon WIZIQ Online Education Solution offers an opportunity to the candidates
  • across 34+ countries to continue their explore and study Information Security science flexibly through E-Learning Platform.


What is Simulated Virtual Classroom ?

Virtual Classroom stands for online classroom that allows participants to attend live video conferencing lectures, to Theeducators1elearning Virtual Classroomcommunicate, view presentations, interact with learning resources and work in groups via internet. CSSRL's Simulated Virtual Classroom hold lectures and tutorials online, particularly with Working Professionals or International students. Virtual Classrooms can also be setup as online meeting spaces for students to work on group tasks.

Through CSSRL's Virtual Classrooms, Cyber Security Testing Laboratory is also simulated. It is taken care that Trainees & students attending Online Training Sessions receive equivalent attention & resources like Regular Mode. In order to keep technology simpler, CSSRL's Virtual Classroom utilizes WizIQ E-Learning Environment for conduction Online Training Sessions, Lab Simulation, Group Tasks etc. Virtual Classroom remains an Integrated part of CSSRL Training Environment that brings tangible flexibility & resourceful training for International Students, Corporate Working Professionals, Distance Mode Students etc.